Ciderpress Club at Hearthside Grove

Ciderpress Club at Hearthside Grove

Experience Ciderpress Club, the premier private club for owners and their guests at Hearthside Grove luxury motorcoach resort in beautiful Petoskey, Michigan.

We made joining so simple. It really only takes a minute.
Hearthside Grove

Welcome to Ciderpress Club at Hearthside Grove

Much has changed this year, and things just keep getting even better at Ciderpress Club. We want to let everyone know John Loscalzo is the new general manager for Ciderpress Club. The private club is available exclusively to members and their guests. Owners at Hearthside Grove can join, and applying for membership is simple. We’re also excited to announce Alyssa Argyle is our new activities director for summer 2021. And we want to thank our friends at Liberty Coach, Newell Coach and Millennium Luxury Coaches for sponsoring various major events this year. Annual membership invoices will be sent automatically by email on May 1, 2021. Payment can be made online with easy to follow instructions.


Ciderpress Club members can get their own private mailbox in the clubhouse that can be securely accessed any time day or night.

If you join and want mail delivered to you at Ciderpress Club, have us issue your mailbox. Then you can notify the US postal service.

Have mail addressed to you, and be sure to use the street address of your property in Hearthside Grove. Mail gets delivered to the clubhouse and put in your private mailbox.

Please be aware of the difference in how you need to address mail and packages.

Have packages delivered in your name to 2075 Ciderpress Drive, Petoskey, MI 49770. Packages get labeled and stored safely in our secure access controlled mail room.

There is a convenient solution for trailer and boat storage this summer. Swing by the sales and rental office at Ciderpress Club for information. We’re taking things to a new level to ensure Hearthside Grove is the leading luxury motorcoach resort in the nation. Stay tuned for more details about Ciderpress Village, a new waterfront development on club property. We’re planning to offer 10 premier lots with luxurious modern villas. Ciderpress Village will not be part of any existing condominium associations. We are also pleased to announce that anyone who purchases in the new Woodlands development will be Ciderpress Club members through their association. We congratulate and welcome all new owners.

Wait until you see our new Ciderpress Club sign at the entrance on Ciderpress Drive. The sign also directs people to the sales and rental office. Owners who plan to sell their lots and anyone who wants to buy or rent can visit the only authorized Hearthside Grove sales and rental agency. The Hearthside Grove sales and rental office is conveniently located when you enter Ciderpress Club. We hope you have a great summer.

Want to see what's planned? Check out the 2021 events calendar.

Stop Condo 1 Board from Renaming Hearthside Grove

Condo 1 Association board members Melissa Williams, Mark Adams, Ken Sharkey, George Hahn and Ken Gluckman launched a damaging bombshell in their April 17, 2021 email sent to Condo 1 owners. They plan to change the name of Hearthside Grove. And they want to do it now.

Hearthside Grove developers FOMCO made it clear in their October 13, 2020 letter they emailed to owners. If the association stopped using the trademarked name Hearthside Grove for their sales and rental program, the lawsuit would not have been filed. Read the letter from Kirk Rose.

The quick fix to the trademark litigation does not come from changing the name of our community. The solution is for the Condo 1 Association board to change the name of the entity it uses to market sales and rentals. Stop the board members from changing the name of our resort.

Save Hearthside Grove. The clock is ticking. Please inform the Condo 1 board how they can end the trademark infringement lawsuit right away. Information submitted using the following form is stored for analysis and reporting. Messages are sent to Condo 1 Association board members. Every field on this form is required. Please complete all information to send this extremely important message right now to instruct the board.

Lot Number
Cell Phone
We encourage you to keep the message exactly as stated.

Ciderpress Club Not Renewing Refuse Agreement

Ciderpress Club went above and beyond in 2020. We offered an agreement that solved dumpster problems for Condo 1 Association owners. We want to let everyone know that Ciderpress Club decided not to renew the dumpster agreement with Condo 1 Association in 2021 based in part on behavior and abuse from many Condo 1 owners who are not club members. Our decision was further reinforced by the egregious and unacceptable legal actions initiated by the Condo 1 Association board against Hearthside Grove developers FOMCO, Condo 2 Association and Ciderpress Club. Condo 1 board members facing a recall are Melissa Williams, Mark Adams, Ken Sharkey, George Hahn and Ken Gluckman.

The official written notice to cancel the Refuse Agreement was sent to the board and all individual board members April 19, 2021 at 2:30 PM EST. The dumpster situation is truly unfortunate, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience it will cause all Condo 1 owners. Condo 2 Association owners will not be affected, and other arrangements have been made. You can express your concerns to the Condo 1 Association board of directors. Dumpsters will remain available for everyone until July 1, 2021. Then all dumpsters will be removed permanently from Ciderpress Club property.

The Condo 1 Association board of directors is solely responsible. They must make other arrangements to service the needs of Condo 1 owners. Every owner in Condo 1 Association is encouraged to stop the damage to Hearthside Grove caused by the uniquely reckless board of directors. There are two board seats in Condo 1 Association held by Melissa Williams and Mark Adams that are soon coming up for election July 2021. Efforts are currently underway to hold a special meeting intended to recall Condo 1 Association board members before the July 2021 election.

There are other outstanding issues to be addressed by the Condo 1 Association board. That includes the unauthorized use of our electrical and mechanical equipment on Ciderpress Club property without an agreement, multiple admitted instances of trespassing, as well as felony theft that occurred in October 2020. Board members were put on notice but failed to resolve these important matters. Corrective action is planned.

Summer Fun Starts at Ciderpress Club

Get the most out of summer at Hearthside Grove. Make new friends and have a great time.

Enjoy our beautiful 18,000 square foot Craftsman-style clubhouse and all its amenities. Experience motorcoach living at its finest.

Take summer 2021 to the next level. Get started right away.

Discover Everything New in 2021 at Ciderpress Club

We made so many enhancements to Ciderpress Club last year, and that includes a new RFID access control system at all major entry points. We waited until the end of the season in 2020 to enable access control, and it works great. Now that’s in place, we are issuing special key fobs to all members for secure access to the clubhouse. We even have wristbands that are available in addition to fobs. Ciderpress Club members will be issued access control key fobs and wristbands beginning June 5, 2021. Stop by the clubhouse to get yours right away. We are ordering new locks with keys for all beverage lockers. Complimentary beverage lockers will be available and issued in June 2021. We are about to start adding a long list of scheduled events for 2021 to the events calendar, including big parties, complimentary breakfasts, pizza nights and more.

Events for week of April 19, 2021

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Ciderpress Café

Club members can enjoy free continental breakfasts every Tuesday and Thursday morning between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM sponsored by Liberty Coach.

You can look forward to our wood-fired pizza night every Wednesday at 6:00 PM sponsored by Millennium Luxury Coaches.

Come to ice cream socials at 6:00 PM and get ready for movie night at 7:00 PM every Thursday sponsored by Liberty Coach.

We often have an assortment of cookies, muffins and pastries for members around the clock. There’s even a soda fountain.

Cedar Pavilion

Outdoor Pavilion

We are adding a 20×40 foot custom-built pavilion that’s being constructed near the back patio and completed in May 2021.

We started getting everything ready in 2020 for our beautiful new pavilion at the same time the 1/4 acre pond and outdoor wood-burning fire pit were completed. New trees and landscaping behind the clubhouse really brought things to life.

We ordered all new outdoor furniture for the pavilion and patio. Everything will be completely ready and waiting when you get to Hearthside Grove this summer.

Outdoor Fire Pit

We added an incredible wood-burning recessed fire pit along the hillside and completed it with Adirondack chairs.

Get your marshmallows and hot dogs ready. And don’t forget to bring your drinks. Meet your friends every Saturday night at the club for campfire night.

We now have an easy-to-use Bluetooth sound system at the fire pit for members to enjoy music of their choice. There are even new ice chests ready for drinks.

Pond Ciderpress Club

Deep Water Pond

We added a beautiful 1/4 acre pond with a lighted fountain behind the clubhouse last summer and stocked it with bass and bluegill. We’re even adding more big fish this year. Sit back and relax on the beach area to enjoy the spectacular view.

The lighted fountain looks incredible at night and really adds to the experience. Members can bring their family and try to catch one of the big ones hiding down deep in the fish habitat that was added.

Ciderpress Club has everything for you to create great memories this summer.

Join the club today. Experience motorcoach living at its finest.

Experience Unforgettable Summers at Ciderpress Club

Discover how to make summer even better at Hearthside Grove. Ciderpress Club membership has many benefits, and members will have a blast this summer. We have activities and scheduled events to entertain you at the club and in the Petoskey area of northern Michigan.

Entertaining Events

There are regularly scheduled events at the clubhouse throughout the summer, including gatherings, ice cream socials, parties, cookouts and so much more.

There will be live music outdoors every Friday night, generously sponsored by Newell Coach. Join your friends at the pavilion and on our spacious patio.

We scheduled three dinner parties this summer starting July 4 weekend, then early August, and Labor Day weekend.


Special Club Events

Special events at Ciderpress Club are catered by different local restaurants in the Petoskey area that offer great food.

Coach manufacturers such as Prevost and Newell Coach plus converters such as Featherlite Coaches, Liberty Coach, Millennium Luxury Coaches and others come to Hearthside Grove every summer. They host big parties at Ciderpress Club for everyone in the resort to enjoy.

Events for summer 2021 are now being scheduled. See our events calendar.

Club Business Center​

The business center in the clubhouse has complimentary wifi, and it will soon have a 27-inch iMac and color laser printer.

We repainted even more inside the club at the end of 2020, including the business center and entryway to Ciderpress Club.

We’re also getting new furniture for the business center in June 2021 so it’s even better for club members. It will be fully equipped for anything you need to do, including online video conferences.

Ciderpress Club Membership

Make Us Your Club

Apply for membership at Ciderpress Club. Create new memories with friends, and experience motorcoach living at its finest.

The majority of Hearthside Grove owners are already Ciderpress Club members, but not everyone. Membership is optional.

We hope to welcome you at the club this year while you enjoy Petoskey, Michigan and the beauty of Hearthside Grove.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like additional information.

Want to rent at Hearthside Grove? Make your reservation today.

Rental Lot Owners and Rental Lots at Hearthside Grove

Ciderpress Club membership provides benefits and advantages for property owners who have their lots available to rent. If you own a lot in the rental program and would like your renters to enjoy everything Ciderpress Club has to offer, you will want to be a club member. It only takes a minute to apply. Hearthside Grove has a busy rental program. About 600 rental guests visit every summer to enjoy our beautiful resort. Renters stay an average of one week. Some stay the entire summer. Hearthside Grove vacation rentals have spectacular accommodations and activities for the entire family. The only authorized Hearthside Grove sales and rental office is located when you enter Ciderpress Club.

Rental Lot Owners

Maximize rental potential, increase your property value, and ensure your renters enjoy Ciderpress Club and its amenities.

Owners at Hearthside Grove who belong to Ciderpress Club have so many things in their favor, including the ability for their rental guests to use the club.

Rental guests get issued special key fobs to access the clubhouse. They can also take advantage of all club activities and scheduled events during the summer.


2021 Rental Lots

Renters at Hearthside Grove can use the clubhouse and participate in scheduled activities if the owner is a club member.

We discovered last summer that rental guests prefer renting lots that come with Ciderpress Club access.

Many rental guests actually changed their reservations from a lot that did not provide club access to a different lot that did because the owner is a member.

Rental guests who make reservations online clearly know which lots provide club access and choose based on that.

Thinking about buying at Hearthside Grove? See what's for sale.

Lot Sales and New Development at Hearthside Grove

Owners with lots for sale at Hearthside Grove should consider joining Ciderpress Club. Join now to increase the marketability of your property. Add instant value and let buyers know your lot comes with club membership. Club members who sell their property at Hearthside Grove can transfer their membership to the buyer for an affordable $499 transfer fee. As an added bonus, the buyer can use your club membership at no charge for the remainder of the year. Come by the only authorized Hearthside Grove sales and rental office when you enter Ciderpress Club.

Introducing the Woodlands, a spacious new development at Hearthside Grove. With lots over 1 acre in size, it allows for development to meet any needs. Create your legacy lodge for generations to enjoy. Choose from post-and-beam style or other custom plans. Lots start at $169,000. We are pleased to announce that anyone who purchases in the Woodlands will become a Ciderpress Club member through the association.

Get ready for Ciderpress Village. New development and pre-sales are underway. We’re adding another luxury motorcoach lifestyle option to Hearthside Grove with 10 premier waterfront lots and modern villas from 1,100 to 1,800 square feet. Stay tuned for more information or come by Ciderpress Club to see what’s planned. Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.


Hearthside Lot Sales

Increase marketability of your property by joining Ciderpress Club. Add value and let buyers know it comes with membership.

Another benefit of being a club member is that it increases both the value and the marketability of your property.

We introduced a $4999 initiation fee for new club members in late 2020. However, club membership can be transferred to the buyer if the owner is a club member.

The Hearthside grove sales and rental office is located at Ciderpress Club.

Woodlands Lots

The Woodlands at Hearthside Grove is an exciting new development with lots more than 1 acre offering custom construction.

Experience the natural beauty of northern Michigan. Imagine the motorcoach site of your dreams nestled away in the perfect blend of red pines and hardwood trees.

These exclusive sites are selling fast, and availability is limited. Visit the authorized Hearthside Grove sales office located at Ciderpress Club for more information. 

Ciderpress Village Model

Ciderpress Village

Get ready for Ciderpress Village, a new development on club property with 10 premier waterfront lots and luxurious villas from 1,100 to 1,800 square feet.

These ultimate smart homes will have unbelievable floor plans and great amenities. Come by Ciderpress Club to learn more and reserve your lot today or contact us if you have any questions.

We already had initial survey work done and expect to get everything rolling with Ciderpress Village in summer 2021.

Discover what's happening in the Petoskey area. See for yourself.

We Have Everything You Want for a Great Summer

Ciderpress Club is centrally located. It’s a short walk from anywhere within Hearthside Grove. Take a virtual tour and explore the 18,000 square foot Craftsman-style main clubhouse. Access and most amenities are available to members and select guests 24 hours a day. Get the most out of summer. Join your friends, and have a great time at Ciderpress Club. Applying for membership is easy.

Built for Enjoyment

Wherever you go within Hearthside Grove, Ciderpress Club is a few minutes away in the center of our beautiful resort.

Come by and take a tour. See for yourself. You’re going to fall in love as soon as you walk into our 18,000 square foot building.

See what’s added behind the clubhouse. That includes our stocked pond, furnished patio and the breathtaking new pavilion.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot to mention the incredible wood-burning fire pit area.

Ciderpress Club Main Clubhouse
Cherish Summer

Super Size Summer

Ciderpress Club is available around the clock for members and select guests.

Kick back at the bar. Grab a couch in the grand hall near our huge stacked boulder fireplace. Get something from the café.

Relax by the pond. Play in the game room. Use the washers and dryers. Watch TV or read a book in our library. You can even work out in the fitness center or aerobics room. We also have an incredible 45-seat movie theater with Dolby surround sound.

Join today to enjoy summer even more at Hearthside Grove with friends and family.

Go ahead. You owe it to yourself. Have a lot more fun in 2021.

Ciderpress Club

2075 Ciderpress Drive
Petoskey, MI 49770

Phone: 231-715-3240

Our membership office is located in the
main clubhouse at Hearthside Grove in
addition to the sales and rental office.