Ciderpress Club at Hearthside Grove Motorcoach Resort

Ciderpress Club at Hearthside Grove

Experience the premier private club located within the Hearthside Grove motorcoach resort in Petoskey, Michigan

We made joining so easy. It only takes one minute.
Hearthside Grove

Welcome to Ciderpress Club

Walt Disney once said "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." As an owner at Hearthside Grove motorcoach resort, one of my dreams has been for everyone to enjoy the time we spend with each other as much as possible during the alluring summers in Petoskey, Michigan. I thought about how that could be done and realized how to do it. So to improve Hearthside Grove for everyone and reunite more owners, I pursued a dream. I purchased the main clubhouse and accompanying 9.5 acres from the developers May 20, 2020. It is now a premier private club for property owners at Hearthside Grove, and it's called Ciderpress Club. Help make this summer great for everyone, enjoy our incredible resort, have fun and create new memories. Private membership opportunities to join Ciderpress Club are now available.

Darren Brewer
General Manager

Join Now and Save

Discover how easy it is to save hundreds of dollars every year. Get price lock protection and select a multi-year membership to lock in your annual fee for up to 3 years. Membership is billed annually from June 1 to May 31.

Ready to take your summer to the next level?

Receive Mail and Packages

You deserve convenience. We make it easy for Ciderpress Club members to get mail and packages delivered at the main clubhouse without hassles or confusion. Everything is in place. You can even have things delivered before you arrive this summer if you become a member.


Secure Mail Room

Our secure mail room inside the main clubhouse at Hearthside Grove lets club members receive mail and packages.

Members get their own private mailbox inside the main clubhouse. If you become a Ciderpress Club member, simply notify the postal service and have your mail sent to the street address of your property in Hearthside Grove. The mail carrier actually delivers your mail directly to the main clubhouse and puts it into your private mailbox for easy pickup. Your mailbox is ready now. There is no waiting if you join today.

When it comes to packages, have them sent to you at 2075 Ciderpress Drive, Petoskey, MI 49770. That’s the address for the main clubhouse. Packages you receive get delivered to the main clubhouse address where they’ll be safe in our secure mail room. You can get them any time. And with our new package alert system, you even get a text message when a package is delivered. Take advantage of our other amenities.

Get Ready for Improvements

We’re making a number of exciting improvements to the main clubhouse for summer 2020, and we’re working on them now. You’re going to love what we have planned. Take a look at everything that’s underway, and get ready to have an incredible summer at Hearthside Grove.

Ciderpress Café

We’ll be offering coffee, ice cream, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, a variety of snacks and other great food choices.


Outdoor Pavilion

We’re adding a 20×40 foot grand cedar pavilion, improving the landscaping and installing a stacked stone fire pit.

Outdoor Patio

There will be comfortable new outdoor furniture on the patio and in the pavilion for you to settle back with friends.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games

We’re adding classic outdoor games just off the patio for members like you to have more fun and live it up at Ciderpress Club.

Fire Up the Grill

Summer is waiting for you at Ciderpress Club. Imagine all your friends enjoying the beautiful Petoskey weather and lounging in the pavilion for an evening cookout. Get the picnic table ready. It doesn't get better than that. Bon appétit.

Get the most out of summers at Hearthide Grove.

Summer 2020 Gets Even Better

Membership has many benefits. We listened to what people want and hired two incredible activities directors this summer. We have a growing list of fun activities and scheduled events to entertain you at the club and throughout the Petoskey area of northern Michigan.

Activities Directors

Anna and Becca are activities directors for summer 2020, and we have a long list of enjoyable activities planned.


Activities Galore

You won’t believe the number of exciting activities. They’ll be listed on the activities calendar and in the main clubhouse.

Parties and Dances

We’re having regularly scheduled social events at the clubhouse, including parties, dances, cocktail hours and more.


Catered Events

Many events will be catered by popular restaurants in the Petoskey area that offer fantastic food and delightful desserts.

Business Center

The business center in the clubhouse is getting a 27-inch iMac plus an all-in-one color laser printer with scan and fax.

Ciderpress Club Membership

Make It Your Club

Apply for membership at Ciderpress Club. Create new memories with friends, and experience motorcoach living at its finest.

Join Your Friends

There's good chance they're having fun and hanging out in the new outdoor pavilion at Ciderpress Club. Maybe they're involved in one of the many exciting activities, events or excursions available exclusively to club members. Get in on the action.

Imagine what this summer will be like. Get ready for it.

Rental Owners and Rental Lots

Ciderpress Club membership provides benefits and advantages for property owners who have their lots available to rent. If you own a lot in the rental program and would like your renters to enjoy everything Ciderpress Club has to offer, you will want to be a club member. It only takes a minute to apply. Hearthside Grove has a busy rental program. About 600 renters visit every summer in their Class A motorcoaches to enjoy our beautiful resort. Renters stay an average of one week, while some guests end up staying the entire summer.

Rental Owners

Maximize rental potential, increase your property value, and ensure your renters enjoy Ciderpress Club and its amenities.


Rental Lots

Renters at Hearthside Grove can use the clubhouse and participate in scheduled activities if the owner is a club member.

Lot Sales and New Development

Owners with lots for sale at Hearthside Grove should consider joining Ciderpress Club. Join now to increase the marketability of your property. Add instant value and let buyers know your lot comes with club membership. Members who sell their property at Hearthside Grove in 2020 can transfer membership to the buyer this year, and we will waive the standard $699 membership transfer fee. As an added bonus, the buyer can use your club membership at no charge this year and avoid the $4999 initiation fee for new applicants beginning in 2021.

New development and sales are underway, and it’s adding another luxury motorcoach lifestyle option that adjoins Hearthside Grove. The new style development offers wooded lots, each over 1 acre in size with post-and-beam structures. It includes club membership at current pricing.

Lot Sales

Increase marketability of your property by joining Ciderpress Club. Add value and let buyers know it comes with membership.


New Development

Buyers who purchase property in the new development will automatically become members of Ciderpress Club.

Cherish Summer

Incredible experiences and fond memories are right around the corner for you at Ciderpress Club. Don't miss out on fun you could be having with friends this summer. Join now and save with a multi-year membership. Summer's waiting.

The only thing missing is you. Complete the experience.

The Clubhouse You Deserve

Ciderpress Club is centrally located. It’s a short walk from anywhere in the Hearthside Grove motorcoach resort. Many people ride golf carts. Take a virtual tour and explore the 18,000 square foot Craftsman-style main clubhouse. Access and most amenities are available to members and select guests 24 hours a day. You’re going to love what we have planned. Get the most out of summer. Join your friends, and have a great time at Ciderpress Club. Applying for membership is quick and easy.

Centrally Located

Wherever you go within Hearthside Grove, the main clubhouse is only a few minutes away in the center of the resort.

Ciderpress Club Main Clubhouse

Convenient Access

The main clubhouse is available around the clock for members and select guests to relax and unwind with friends.

Special Events

The clubhouse parking lot is the perfect place for special events sponsored by motorcoach manufacturers.

Ciderpress Club Clubhouse

Clubhouse Parking

Members are issued parking stickers each year for vehicles they want to bring to our enormous clubhouse parking lot.

Hearthside Grove in Petoskey, Michigan is considered as the most luxurious motorcoach resort in the nation, with amenities beyond compare. Membership at Ciderpress Club completes the experience for owners and guests. Applying for membership is easy.

Are you still waiting to join? Seriously, have more fun.

Ciderpress Club

2075 Ciderpress Drive
Petoskey, MI 49770

Phone: 231-715-3240

Our membership office is located in the
main clubhouse at Hearthside Grove.


Special Offer

This limited-time promotional offer is available exclusively to owners who join by June 15 and select the 3-year price lock protection plan.

Promotion expires 6/15/20 and is available exclusively to owners who do not have club membership through a condo association agreement.